Month-on-month growth of 172.8%, Tesla, Inc. China August sales exceeded 70, 000 units! Federation of passengers: the trend of “the whole vehicle is king” will return.


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证券时报 韩忠楠 Han Zhongnan, Securities Times 9月8日,全国乘用车市场信息联席会(下称「乘联会」)公布8月全国乘用车产销数据。数据显示,8月,乘用车市场零售达到187.1万辆,同比增长28.9%,是以往10年的最高增速;环比增长2.9%,处于近10年同期历史次低位水平。 On September 8, the National Joint Conference on passenger car Market Information (hereinafter referred to as "Joint passenger car Association") released national passenger car production and sales data in August. According to the data, retail sales in the passenger car market reached 1.871 million in August, up 28.9% from a year earlier, the highest growth rate in the past decade, and 2.9% month-on-month growth, the second-lowest level in the history of the same period in nearly a decade. 乘联会秘书长崔东树表示,去年8月乘用车市场的零售销量低于7月,是历史上较为罕见的反季节现象,核心还是受到了芯片短缺等影响。今年8月,虽然部分地区的高温天气影响了经销商客流量,但物流和供应链的持续改善,仍然有效稳定了车市增长。 Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Federation of passengers, said that retail sales in the...