Huawei AITO M5 EV for China 80 kWh battery, up to 620 km range; single- or dual-motor; from RM186k


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Huawei has presented its first pure electric vehicle in the form of the Wenjie M5 EV, which will be sold through the company’s AITO sub-brand. The new model is essentially an all-electric version of the Wenjie M5 that made its debut last December, which itself is a modified and restyled version of the SF5 that Huawei co-developed with California-based EV maker Seres. The AITO line-up previously featured just two models, the Wenjie M5 and the Wenjie M7, the latter being a larger SUV that made its debut in July this year. Both are range-extended EVs with a 1.5 litre turbocharged...