In-depth Interpretation – Exposure to Wuhan Changjiang Supplementary Submission of New Evidence, Football Association Acceptance of Registration of New Players Ban Delay Implementation_Arbitration_Related_Hubei Sports Bureau


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On August 7, Beijing time, according to the schedule of the Chinese Super League, Wuhan Changjiang played away to Meizhou Hakka. According to the relevant guarantee signed by Wuhan Changjiang and the Chinese Football Federation, before July 31, Wuhan Changjiang Club could not complete the arbitration-related payment repayment. This season Registered players will not be able to play. However, after multiple operations, Wuhan Yangtze River Club and Hebei Club reached an agreement on the morning of the 7th on the repayment of the transfer fee. In response to the arrears of Li Tie’s coaching team, the Yangtze River Club has...