The latest release! On July 25, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect had a net outflow of 3.385 billion, and this leader was bought against the trend for 483.5 million! Daily Economic News


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Every AI Express, on July 25, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.60%. Beishang funds sold a net 3.385 billion yuan today. Among them, the net sales of Shanghai Stock Connect were 1.167 billion yuan, and the net sales of Shenzhen Stock Connect were 2.218 billion yuan. On July 25, in the list of active stocks in Beishang capital trading, there were 10 stocks with net purchases. The largest amount was Midea Group (000333.SZ, closing price: 56.45 yuan), with a net purchase of 483.5 million yuan; There are 10 individual stocks in total, the largest amount is North Huachuang (002371.SZ, closing...