In India, Hindu caretaker of a 350-year-old mosque says 'it's one God for everyone', Asia News AsiaOne


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The first call to prayer floats out of the dainty, whitewashed mosque, infusing the cold morning air of Banaras. Wrapped in a blanket and a coarsely knitted cap, Bechan Yadav sits near the entrance of the dargah, a Muslim shrine, enjoying the warmth of a dying fire of twigs and branches. Bechan, a devout Hindu popularly called Bechan Baba, is the caretaker of the Chowkhamba mosque - also known as Anarwali Masjid and Char-o-Dervish, literally meaning "four Sufi saints". The Chowkhamba mosque in Banaras, surrounded by old houses. PHOTO: Ravi Tripathi The 70-year-old has just finished his first round of...