The three major A-share indexes fell slightly, Chinese medicine and UHV sectors ranked among the top gainers


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The three major A-share indexes fell slightly. On the disk, UHV,traditional Chinese medicine、Power grid equipment, Vocational education, Hongmeng concept,semiconductorThe gains in the other sectors are among the top.bladeBattery, Cloud games, meta universe concept, IPV6, cultivate diamonds,Coal industryThe poor performance of other sectors is at the forefront of the decline list. As of press time,Shanghai IndexFell 0.10% to 3,589.18 points; Shenzhen Component Index fell 0.24% to 14852.42 points;Growth Enterprise Market IndexIt fell 0.01% to 3,478.23 points. Today’s news: 1. Central government release: Study and formulate housing and other supporting policies to encourage children and their parents to live nearby or live...