UN-DEBUNKED: Turns out China-lab-made-Covid “conspiracy theory” is TRUE, as 26 of the 27 Lancet scientists who tried to debunk it have deep ties to Wuhan lab researchers (opinion)

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Once the lab-leak theory broke out in truth news, the communists who designed the pandemic rushed to “stop the bleeding” by gathering a couple dozen scientists to pen a letter in the Lancet swearing up and down that Covid was not made in a laboratory. Problems with that narrative arose when investigative journalists kept digging, and the deeper they dug, the more “dirt” came up, directly tying 26 of the 27 Lancet letter-penning scientists to their Wuhan Plandemic lab buddies. Paper trails. Research money. Everything. Oops. Now they’re retracting and back-peddling faster than Fauci changes his mind about Covid rules....