2021: A Year Of Mass Bankruptcy – Boeing Beats As It Burns $5 Billion In Q3, Will Cut Another 11,000 Workers – “A Lot Of Hoarding”: Americans Race To Supermarkets As Second Wave Arrives – Daily Express: If this very British ‘Covid’ rebellion spreads no power in the world will stop it – Gundlach: Trump Will Win Next Week, And By 2027 “There Will Be Some Sort Of Revolution” – Philly Imposes Wednesday Night Curfew To Try And Prevent 3rd Night Of Chaos – “We’re Going To Make Sure Trump Leaves”: Leftists Plan To Storm DC After Election – French Ambassador After Islamist Beheading: “France is a Muslim Country” – House To Consider Authorizing ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ Sale To Israel – Brave New Normal: Turning The World Into A Covid-Cult – ‘Health Expert’ (Joke): Mask Wearing Will Remain Mandatory Even After a ‘Covid’ Vaccine…but of course that’s the plan and it’s nothing whatsoever to do with health – You know that lockdowns will kill very large numbers of people (confirmed by month after month of evidence already) and yet you still go ahead and impose more. What do they call that? – The demonisation of sanity: ‘Those who don’t comply with “Covid-19” measures like wearing masks found to be more callous, hostile & deceitful.’ – What happens when you put psychopaths and morons in uniform (recruited by design) – Under Guise of ‘Helping’ Schools, Big Tech Collects and Profits From Kids’ Data – Dorsey Admits To Mob-Driven Censorship On Twitter During Heated Section 230 Hearing – Texas Ballot Chaser Reveals ‘Massive’ Voter Fraud To Elect Biden – US Commander Provokes China: Troops Can Be Sent To Defend Japan’s Senkaku Islands – Americans Plan to Scale Back on Holiday Spending This Year – US Vows To Blow Up Any Iranian Missile Shipments To Venezuela

Source: infiniteunknown.net